GeonU Kim

I am a master’s student at AMILab in Grad. School of Artificial Intelligence at POSTECH, supervised by Prof. Dr. Tae-Hyun Oh. I received my bachelor's degree in Computer Science from UNIST.


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Research Interestes

  • 3D computer vision
  • Generative AI


FPRF: Feed-Forward Photorealistic Style Transfer of Large-Scale 3D Neural Radiance Fields
GeonU Kim, Kim Youwang, Tae-Hyun Oh,
AAAI, 2024
project page / arXiv

Stylize neural radiance fields with multiple style refernece images, in a feed-forward manner.

Multi-Person 3D Pose and Shape Estimation via Inverse Kinematics and Refinement
Junuk Cha, Muhammad Saqlain, GeonU Kim, Mingyu Shin, Seungryul Baek,
ECCV, 2022
arXiv / code

Reconstruct multi-person human meshes from a single image with inverse kinematics and relation-aware refinement.

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